3 kW Solar Plant Price in India


With 3 kWp splar plant you’ll make approximately 12 to 15 units per day, if you’re in India. This is a very good, reliable and cheap option for medium households running load of few lights, fans, television, computer and air cooler along with some other stuff such as mobile phone and laptop charging. Complete details on 3 kW Solar Plant Price in India are provided below in the post.

3 kW Solar Plant Price in India

We must understand that 3 kW solar plant price in India depends on various factors. The list of these factors which affect solar plant price in India is given here. Have a look at it for complete details.

3 kW Solar Plant Price in India

3 kW solar plant comes in two types, that is, On-Grid and Off-Grid. 3 kW solar plant price in India for both these types of solar plants are given in the table below. A brief description of On-Grid and Off-Grid plants is provided in the end of this post.

Solar Plant


3 kWp On-Grid Solar Plant

₹ 2,00,000

3 kWp Off-Grid Solar Plant

₹ 2,45,000

Complete specifications and list of equipment with details are given in the post below.


  • The cost provided is only for information purposes.

  • Cost can both increase or decrease depending on the factors mentioned above.

  • Prices may change at any time without notification / updating post.

  • The charges for net-metering and approval will be extra (at actual) in case of On-Grid Solar Plant.

  • GST (as applicable) will be extra.

  • Transportation may be extra for distant sites.

  • The Staircase for accessibility (if needed) shall be provided by the customer.

  • The Charges for the Module Cleaning System will be extra at actual.

  • The benefits of Government subsidy / MNRE is not included in the above mentioned prices and shall be provided (if applicable).

  • No Additional / Hidden Cost.

List of Equipment in 2 kW Solar Plant

List of main equipment used in 2 kW solar plant is given in the table below:


Quantity / Specifications

Solar Panels / Modules

3 kW

Solar On-Grid / Off-Grid Inverter

3 kW

Module Mounting Structure

Galvanized Iron (GI)

Batteries (Only in case of Off-Grid Solar Plants)

4 (12 V & 150 Ah)

Cables (or, Wires)

As per Site

With complete accessories and miscellaneous items.

3 kW Solar Plant Warranty

The warranty period of 3 kW solar plant is as follows:

  • 25 years on Solar Panels.
  • 5 years on complete system.

Space Required for 3 kW Solar Plant

The space you would require to install these solar plants is listed below in both square meters and square feet.

  • 30 Square Meters, or
  • 300 Square Feet  

3 kW Solar system is installed on all types of roof structures, be it, RCC, Tin shed and asbestos etc.

Generation from 3 kW Solar Plant

We’ve seen that a 3 kW solar plant generates approximately 12 units to 15 units in a day in India. This is an average approximation of solar generation for a day over the period of a year. This translates to as follows:

Solar Generation Time Period

Number of Units



Three Months


Six Months




Point to be Noted: This is an approximation. Exact generation for any year depends on various factors such as

  • Weather Conditions
  • Cleanliness of Solar Panels
  • Installation angle and Direction

For generating above data, we’ve assumed per day generation to be 13 units.

Savings from 3 kW Solar Plant

Savings from a 3 kW solar plant can be easily calculated. Just figure out, how much price do you pay for per unit of electricity. Multiply this unit cost of electricity with the approximate number of units a 3 kW solar plant generates over a period of time. You can easily view this, from the table above. This will be your savings and eventually income from your 3 kW solar plant over that period.

For Example, you pay ₹6/- per unit of electricity. With 3 kW solar plant, you generate around 4,680 units of electricity in a year, as can be seen in the above section.

So, your savings or income over a year from 3 kW solar plant comes out to be ₹28,080/-.

On-Grid solar plant provides further income as you can receive Generation Based Incentives (GBI) from the distribution company in your area for extra electricity you export to the grid.

A benefit of this solar system is that, it continues to work even if you’re not at home or office or wherever you’re thinking to install. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re home or not. Your solar plant will work everyday, every time and will generate you these savings.

Now, we will provide you a brief description of the two types of solar systems, we mentioned for a 3 kW Solar Plant.

3 kW On-Grid Solar Plant

On-Grid Solar Plants of capacity 3 kW are connected to the electrical grid. They can import and export energy from and to the electrical grid respectively.

Subsidy is available on 3 kW On-Grid Solar Plant.

To know more about On-Grid Solar Plants, click here.

3 kW Off-Grid Solar Plant

Off-Grid Solar plants of capacity may or may not be connected to the electrical grid. They can import energy from the electrical grid but cannot export to it. Batteries are there in 3 kW off-grid solar plant for backup.

A solar plant for certain applications may not require any battery backup. Batteries can be eliminated in such systems and 3 kW solar plant price in India can be reduced considerably.

To know more about Off-grid Solar Plants, click here.

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