ABB Inverter Price


ABB is a Swedish-Swiss company. The company was founded in 1988 with the merger of 19th century companies, ASEA of Sweden and Brown, Boveri and Cei of Switzerland. Headquarters of ABB are located in Zurich in Switzerland. ABB is a reputed international brand having its presence in all the six continents of the world. The company offers a wide range of products and services in power, automation, electrical and robotic technologies. ABB has constantly been cited as one of the largest companies in the world. It is a Global Fortune 500 company and is a part of this list from more than two decades now. In this post, we will brief about ABB solar inverters and ABB Inverter price.

ABB offers one of the widest range of all types of solar inverters.

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ABB Solar Inverter

ABB Inverter Price
33 kW ABB Solar Inverter. Image source: ABB website

Having more than a century experience in making electrical equipment, ABB is one of the most matured companies in solar industry. All their products are time tested by millions of happy customers throughout the world.

You must have seen ABB transformers on one of the electric poles in your vicinity if you live in India. ABB products are very common in electrical sub-stations and heavy electrical industry. Similar to their other electrical equipment, ABB solar inverters are now becoming one of the most sought after solar products in the industry.

ABB solar inverters are designed for high performance, reliability, being robust towards environmental and other damages, easy installation and quick return on investment. In addition, the company boasts an excellent after sales network support throughout India.

ABB offers a wide variety of solar inverters in India. Some of their products are listed below:

ABB String Inverter

ABB offers a wide range of string inverters to be used in both rooftop and ground-mounted solar projects. They come in both single and three phase configurations and are used in all residential, commercial and industrial applications. ABB solar string inverters range starts from as low as 1.2 kW and goes up to as high as 175 kW.

ABB Single Phase Solar Inverter

ABB single phase solar inverters are available up to 6 kW.  These are used in residential and small commercial applications. If you have a load or sanctioned load of up to or below 6 kW in single phase, you can blindly go for these incredible small power houses.

ABB Three Phase Solar Inverter

ABB offers a very big range of three phase solar string inverters. The range starts from 5 kW and goes up to as high as 175 kW. These are used in small to medium residential and commercial applications.

ABB Central Inverter

ABB Central inverters are employed in large to mega solar installations. Central inverters are generally used in utility scale or megawatt scale solar applications. These used in solar parks and solar power generation stations. ABB central inverters are used in kinds of ground-mounted solar applications.

You can rely on ABB central inverters for best performance, owing to the more than hundred years of experience ABB has in making such big electrical equipment.

ABB provides a wide range of these inverters as well. ABB central inverters are available from mere 55 kW range to a massive 2 MW range. So, we can say that ABB central inverters are available from several kilowatts to few megawatts range.

ABB is a company that aims to provide the best quality and most innovative products in the market. They have years of experience in innovation and Research and Development (R&D). ABB invests as much as US$1.5 billion for Research and Development (R&D) across all its divisions. This is a massive amount and leads most companies in the market.

ABB Inverter Price

ABB Inverter Price

ABB inverter price offerings are very attractive. These are one of the best inverters available in the market at the price points at which these products are offered. These are premium and best quality solar inverters.

ABB inverters reduce your return on investment (ROI) period through its superior performance. Also, ABB boasts a large after sales service support network throughout the country. This allows you to be tension free once ABB solar inverter is installed.

Find below the ABB Inverter Price list for some of its models:

Size and Type


ABB Inverter 3.3 kW Single-Phase

₹ 55,000

ABB Inverter 5 kW Single-Phase

₹ 67,000

ABB Inverter 5.8 kW Three-Phase 

₹ 87,500

ABB Inverter 10 kW Three-Phase

₹ 99,000

ABB Inverter 20 kW Three-Phase

₹ 1,82,000

ABB Inverter 33 kW Three-Phase

₹ 2,15,000

Kindly note that,

  • These are approximate prices for your reference.
  • The prices vary depending on the quantity of order.
  • GST will be extra as per Government norms from time to time.
  • Transportation charges will be extra (as per actual).
  • Inverters of sizes, other than the ones mentioned above are also available.

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