Benefits of Solar Pump


Solar pump is a game changer for irrigation. It is particularly useful in countries like India, where most of the farms are either un-irrigated or are dependent on rainfall for watering the crops. These are the benefits of solar pump.

benefits of solar pump
Solar Pump in a farm with sun flowers

Irrigated farms in India are dependent on diesel or electricity or both. These costs a lot to farmers and are not dependable. Government and Distribution companies (DISCOMs) provide subsidies to make these resources affordable for you. But, this creates a burden on government and distribution companies. Electricity in villages is not dependable either because of lack of supply. Also, this method of irrigation poses recurring cost and so, is a stress for farmers.

All limitations or disadvantages mentioned in the above paragraph can be overcome by using a solar pump. In addition to just overcoming limitations, there are many benefits of solar pump which come in handy, using solar energy for irrigation.

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Here are a few benefits of solar pump.

Localized Power Generation 

Each solar pump for irrigation has its own solar plant that generates electricity to run solar pump. This way, you don’t have to depend on grid electricity or diesel for irrigation. You don’t have to depend on any outside source for your farming or basic needs. Since, you do not have to be dependent on diesel or electricity, there is no recurring cost. This becomes particularly, useful for areas not connected to the electricity grid or areas with insufficient electricity supply.

Distributed Generation

This is an extension to the above benefits of solar pump. When your farm generates its own electricity to run pump for irrigation, you do not have to be dependent on grid electricity or diesel for irrigation activity. This makes you independent, as now, you don’t have to depend on any outside source for watering your fields. So, any shutdown in supply of any of these will not affect your work or daily routine. 

Expansion and Diversification in Farmer’s Income

With On-Grid solar pumps, you can expand and diversify your income. This is an important benefits of solar pump. Now, you can use power generated by your solar plant in your farm to power your needs such as irrigation. In addition, you can sell all the extra electricity generated after your use to the electricity grid.

Government proposes to provide incentives to DISCOMs to purchase power generated on your farm at special rates decided by the government from time to time. 

This opens a whole new avenue of income for farmers and so, now, you don’t have to depend on only farming for your needs.

Subsidies for Solar Pump Installation

This benefits of solar pump eases you to install a solar pump for irrigation. Government provides subsidies to help you install a solar pump. As much as 90% subsidy is provided by the government to reduce the upfront cost of installing a solar pump. Only 10% of the project cost has to be borne by you. This significantly reduces the project cost for you.

Minimal Maintenance

Just like a rooftop solar plant, solar pumps also don’t require much maintenance. Only periodic washing of solar panels has to be done which is very easy and does not cause any expense. To read, how to clean solar panels, click here. This is also an important benefits of solar pump.

Can power Homes, Cattle Sheds or Rooms near Farms 

These solar plants can also be designed to power homes, cattle sheds or small rooms often build in farms for various purposes in addition to irrigation. 

This is one of the most important and least used benefits of solar pump. This increases the utility of your investment. With this, you don’t even have to worry about electricity to power your homes. You can make electricity for it, on your farm.

Elevates burden on DISCOMs 

DISCOM’s provide electricity to farmers for irrigation on subsidized rates. This causes a financial stress on the distribution companies. With solar pumps, farmers can generate their own electricity and can even contribute to the electrical grid. This benefits of solar pump elevates the burden of DISCOM’s as they no longer have to provide electricity on subsidized prices.

Elevates Government’s burden

This benefits of solar pump is very similar to the above benefit. Just like DISCOMs, government provide diesel at subsidized rates for irrigation in India. This causes a financial stress which can again be elevated using solar pumps for irrigation.

Adds to India’s National Solar Mission

India is on a mission to install 100 GW of solar power capacity by 2022. Installing solar powered pumps will definitely add to this capacity. It has been estimated by IEEFA that, by replacing all existing pumps for irrigation by 3 HP solar ones, India will achieve almost 67% of the above mentioned target. So, by installing a solar pump, you actually add to nation’s progress. This benefits of solar pump is for the future of India.

“Make in India” campaign

As more and more solar plants will be installed, a new industry will flourish. This is the best benefits of solar pump for India’s flagship and most ambitious campaign of “Make in India”. New companies will take birth manufacturing and providing services for products relating to solar powered irrigation.


A solar plant can always be customized to suit our needs. Both On-Grid and Off-Grid installations are available for solar pumps as well. You can choose any one of them to suit your needs.

With On-Grid solar pump installation, you can expand and diversify your income as shown in one of the benefits of solar pump. But, this solar pump will depend on electricity supply for its working. So, these are good for places having sufficient electricity supply.

If you want backup, go for Off-Grid solar pump. This can power your pump even at night.

In case of On-Grid, if you want to irrigate at night, you can do so by collecting sufficient water in a tank during daytime and using it at night.

So, choose wisely.

Solar pumps are changing the way, people used to irrigate their lands. With advancement in technology and solar panels getting cheaper day by day, these systems are in your reach in a much better way today, than they ever were. 


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