Best Solar Inverters in India


While installing a solar system, we often get confused about solar panels and solar inverters. These are the most important components of a solar system. There are many options available in the market both in terms of brand and cost. India’s solar market is booming. So, now, there are both domestic and international solar inverter brands available in India. This makes it difficult for you to choose the best option. Here, in this post we will ease this confusion and share our list of “Best Solar Inverters in India”.

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Best Solar Inverters in IndiaInverter is an electrical device which converts DC electricity from solar panels into AC electricity to be used by various appliances. These devices have a very high efficiency and provide pure sine wave output. Brands generally provide a warranty of 5 to 12 years on these devices.

Best solar inverters in India must be reliable, should have effective and spontaneous After Sales Service and should have a good market value.

So, below is the list of best solar inverters in India.

Best Solar Inverters in India

Following are the best solar inverters in India.

Havells SolarEdge

Havells is a well-known Indian company. It is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India. The company is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Havells has recently forayed into solar sector and offers remarkable and innovative products. They have solar inverters for nearly all sizes of applications, that is, from 2 kWp and beyond. These can be used in all sectors be it domestic, commercial, industrial or any other non-profit organisation.

For Solar Inverters, Havells has collaborated with an international giant SolarEdge. SolarEdge has its headquarters in Israel. It has huge experience of solar market and is available worldwide. Havells has a vast network of After Sales Service in India, thanks to its huge experience in electrical sector. The company provides a warranty of 12 years on its inverters which is best in the market. The warranty can also be extended to 20 years.

The biggest advantage of Havells is that, they can provide complete Havells package. Almost everything, that is employed in a solar plant is either manufactured or sourced by Havells. We guess, this is an advantage of being one of the leading electrical equipment company. So, you can go with a complete Havells system also. With such an electrical experience and after sales service network, Havells SolarEdge is one of our choices for the best solar inverters in India.


Delta Electronics is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company. This is one of the most successful solar inverter companies in India. The company has a huge range of inverter offerings from 2 kW to 500 kW and so, these can be employed in all sectors from domestic to commercial and from small few kW installations to massive MW-scale solar park installations.

Being one of the most famous solar inverter brands in India, Delta provides a good After Sales Service Support and is a reliable brand with international presence. This makes Delta one of the best solar inverters in India.


SMA is a German company. It is one of the most reliable and famous solar energy companies in the entire world. It provides a big range of solar inverters.

Germany is famous for its engineering. Being a company from this country, SMA brings with itself, a sense of trust. This is a slightly expensive brand as compared to others in this list.

This makes SMA one of the best solar inverters in India.


ZeverSolar is a SMA brand. It is a Chinese brand that operates worldwide. After its acquisition, ZeverSolar has become a cheaper product line of SMA in India. Company vouches that ZeverSolar has Chinese efficiency and matches German Quality Standards.

ZeverSolar provides a wide range of inverters starting from as low as 1 kW. This makes it suitable for both residential and commercial applications. This is also one of the most famous solar inveter brands in India.

This makes ZeverSolar one of the most economical and best solar inverters in India.


Waaree is a solar energy company based in Mumbai. Though Waaree is mostly famous for its solar panels, it provides a complete range of solar inverters as well. They are mostly employed in sectors, such as, residential, commercial and industrial. They provide a huge range of solar inverters starting from 1 kW.

Waaree has several branch offices throughout the country and also has a franchisee network spread all across India.

A segment where Waaree scores above many others is that, they offer a range of their own solar panels. So, you can go with a complete Waaree system comprising both solar panels and inverters. This makes Waaree one of the best solar inverters in India.

Solar Power is gaining momentum in India and our government has big plans for this sector. Solar Inverters are the brain of any solar plant. This was the list of best solar inverters in India according to us.


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