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Havells is a well-known Indian company. It is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India. The company is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Havells has recently forayed into solar sector and offers remarkable and innovative products. Havells Solar has come out with their solar panels, inverter, ACDB, DCDB, solar cables, connectors, solar street lights and optimizer etc. These are employed in residential, non-profit, commercial and industrial sectors. The biggest advantage of Havells is that, they provide complete Havells package. Almost everything, that is employed in a solar plant is either manufactured or sourced by Havells. We guess, this is an advantage of being one of the leading electrical equipment companies in the country. You can get a complete Havells system solution. In this post, we will talk about Havells Solar and Havells Solar price.

Havells is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India and is taking forward the solar revolution in India.

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Havells Solar

Havells Solar Price

Havells is one of the leading electrical equipment companies in India. The company was founded in 1983 and has its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The company has a wide range of products ranging from lights, switches, fans, wires, all home and kitchen appliances etc. Many famous brands such as Crabtree, LLoyd, Standard Electric, and Promptech are owned by Havells.

Havells has recently forayed into solar energy sector. The brand looks very promising considering the technologically advanced and innovative offerings from the company. Havells Solar manufactures all types of solar equipment, such as, on-grid solar plants, off-grid solar plants and solar street lights. Havells Solar provide a special offering for petrol pumps. In addition to this, Havells provide nearly all kinds of equipment used in a solar plant, such as, solar panels, inverter, ACDB, DCDB, both AC and DC wires and cables, connectors, optimizer, monitoring system, batteries, lights etc. This forms a big advantage of Havells solar. As all components are manufactured by one company, you do not have to run behind various companies for after sales service. Just one call on Havells cutomer care and all your problems will be resolved.

All this makes Havells a company which provides probably the widest range of solar products in India. 

With such a large offering of pruducts, Havells offer complete solar package at best Havells Solar Price in the market. Also, being an Indian brand, using Havells Solar in any kind of project doesn’t pose any difficulty in receiving subsidies in various state and central government schemes. This makes Havells Solar the most value for money solar brand in India.

Havells Solar are used in all kinds of solar plants such as residential, commercial, industrial, rooftop, on-grid, petrol pumps and off-grid etc. This is because, the company provides best quality solar products at best possible Havells Solar Price. Havells provides its products at most competitive prices in the market. 

Havells Solar products are designed for highest quality standards, reliability and performance. The complete Havells solar system comes with an outstanding warranty of 12 years. This can be extended over to 20 years for a nominal fee at the time of buying a solar plant. This is never seen before warranty timeline in Indian market. No other company provides, such a long warranty on its complete package. On solar panels, Havells provides performance output warranty of 25 years. This shows the quality and efficiency of Havells Solar.

Company boasts a vast network of after sales service that assists you in best possible manner whenever contacted. This makes Havells Solar one of the most reliable and trusted solar brands in India.

Once installed, these solar panels work efficiently and generate electricity for more than 25 years. There is no maintenance involved. Since, these panels do not contain any moving parts, they have very long life and are very reliable over their entire life. Only periodic washing is required as far as maintenance in concerned. To know about how to clean solar panels, click here.

Havells solar package is called MIODA. This is an abbreviation for Modules, Inverter, Optimizer, DCDB and ACDB. Few key features and contents of this package are described below:

  • Modules: These are Solar panels which forms the heart of any solar system. Havells provide best in class polycrystalline solar panels. To know about polycrystalline solar panels, click hereThese panels can be used in both on-grid and off-grid installations. Havells Solar Panels range is called Enviro. The company generally provides modules of the rating 325 Wp. Havells solar panel come with performance output warranty of 25 years. This shows the quality and reliability of these products. Havells Solar panel have received various certifications such as IEC and ISO.

  • Inverter: Havells provide both On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Inverters. These inverters come with a warranty of 12 years which can be extended to 20 years. This is unique in the market as no other company provides such a long warranty on its inverters. These solar inverters are sourced by Havells from one of the best solar inverter manufacturers in the world, SolarEdge from Israel. Havells Solar Inverter are best in the market both in terms of technology and warranty. Havells provide these inverters in both single-phase and three-phase ranges.

  • Optimizer: Optimizer is a device which monitors the performance of solar system and optimizes it to best possible output. It also takes care of the shadow and non-shadow parts of the solar plant. With this device, you can check the performance of even a single solar panel. This is not common in the market as most solar monitoring system monitors and shows the data of a group of panels. With the knowledge of output from even a single solar panel, you can better analyze the performance of your solar plant.

  • DCDB: DCDB is an abbreviation for Direct Current Distribution Box. This is a safety device on solar plant’s DC side and contains fuses and SPDs.

  • ACDB: ACDB stands for Alternating Current Distribution Box. This is a safety device on solar plant’s AC side and contains various MCBs.

Havells Solar has one of the biggest range of solar products in the market. Very few companies in the entire world can compare with this elaborate range that Havells offers.

Havells Solar Price

Havells Solar Price

Havells Solar are the best priced solar products at their quality in Indian market. This is the reason they are so widely used.

Generally, the Havells Solar Price per kW decreases with increase in quantity. For example, an order of 10 kW Havells solar package will cost you less per kW as compared to 5 kW Havells package. The difference becomes more pronounced for even larger quantities.

Below are some of the approximate Havells Solar price for On-Grid solar system.

Solar Plant

Price (₹/Wp)

Total Price

2.60 kWp 1 – Phase

88 ₹ 2,28,800

5.20 kWp 1 – Phase


₹ 3,95,200

10.40 kWp 3 – Phase

62 ₹ 6,44,800

20.15 kWp 3- Phase


₹ 11,28,400

50.05 kWp 3- Phase

53 ₹ 26,52,650

100.10 kWp 3- Phase

48 ₹ 48,04,800

Kindly note that,

  • These are approximate prices for your reference. The actual prices may vary.
  • The price includes installation and transportation.
  • The prices may vary depending on the quantity, place and time of order.
  • GST will be extra as per Government norms from time to time.
  • Net-metering charges will be extra (as applicable).
  • Plants of sizes, other than the ones mentioned above are also available.

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We offer a complete range of Havells Solar products. We have installed these Havells solar in many of our sites and we are very happy with the working of these. These are highly efficient, reliable and trusted solar products with an effective after sales support. Also, they come at brilliant price.

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