How much CO2 can be Saved using Solar System


Electricity generation from conventional sources of energy require burning of fossil fuels which generate carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas and is chiefly responsible for global warming. Global warming creates climate change. All this can be limited to some extent if we use those sources of electricity which either do not generate carbon dioxide or reduce its generation. We have created a calculator, which calculates how much CO2 can be saved using Solar System in place of conventional sources of energy.

How much CO2 can be Saved using Solar System

What are Greenhouse Gases

We know that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. These gases trap heat inside the Earth’s atmosphere and do not let it escape out. This causes global temperature to rise and hence, global warming. Some studies by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) estimate that the average temperature of Earth has increased by about 0.8 degree Celsius (1.4 degree Fahrenheit) since 1880. This eventually, causes climate change.

Causes of Climate Change

Recently, pictures of a starving polar bear on an ice less land shook the world showing effects of climate change on wildlife. There are cases of floods, droughts and various natural calamities which occur due to climate change. Now, there are regions on our planet where there is so much rainfall that it has never seen before. Or, there are places which used to receive good rainfall but there haven’t been any yet. Quite often these days, we hear in news that this was the hottest day in the century or this was the hottest days over so many years. Our seasons are also shifting to different times of year causing changes in animal’s and bird’s hibernation and migration patterns. This also causes polar ice to melt causing floods and various islands in the world are even on a brink of extinction. Even, glaciers all over the world are melting causing rivers to dry up which are primary sources of water all over the world.

Tackling Climate Change

Climate change has been a major issue in recent times. It has become a very important factor to sustain quality life on Earth. Governments all over the world are investing money to counter this issue. Various world alliances have been incorporated between various countries to reduce carbon footprint. Countries are even pushing each other to reduce each other’s carbon footprint. Industries and philanthropists all over the world are promoting renewable energy or decarbonizing activities to reduce emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Governments, all over the world, are pushing for renewable energy through various incentives and subsidies.

Solar energy has always been one of the most important source of clean, green and renewable energy. This is the source of energy, most widely available, throughout the world. You can install a solar plant on your rooftop in your home, factories, offices, schools and barren lands etc. This is what most governments throughout the world are pushing for. More than hundred countries throughout the world have created an alliance called “International Solar Alliance (ISA)” to promote solar energy throughout the world. Everybody wants to replace there conventional electricity generation ways with new, modern, clean and green solar energy. Solar Energy is easy to install and provides very good returns on investment over its lifetime. In addition to this, you can save tons of carbon dioxide emissions per kWp of solar plant installed. In this way, you can also contribute to the noble cause of saving our planet.

How much CO2 can be Saved using Solar System

While generating electricity from conventional sources of energy, we emit a lot of CO2 into atmosphere. This is mainly due to burning of fossil fuels. The weight of this emitted CO2 is several million tons. This can be easily seen by visiting any conventional electricity generation plant, such as a thermal power plant. You can see huge chimney’s emitting CO2 along with other harmful gases into the atmosphere.

We can save all this CO2 emission using a solar plant. Solar plant generates electricity without burning anything and so doesn’t emit any CO2. That is why, it is also called clean energy.  In order to calculate, how much CO2 can be saved, we have created a calculator. This calculator tells you, up to how much CO2 can be saved using solar system of particular capacity.

To use this calculator and see how much CO2, you are saving, click here.

Get best returns on your investment. Contribute to saving our world and maintaining quality of life on our planet. All this can be done, by just installing a solar power plant.


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