Jakson Solar Panel Price


Jakson Group is one of the leading energy and power companies in India. The company is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh in India. It was founded in 1947. Jakson is famous for its Diesel Generator sets. You may have seen their huge generator units in malls, office complexes and power grids etc. Jakson is a global brand. The company has its operations in various countries around the world. Upon India’s Solar Mission, Jakson forayed into solar energy business. Now, they manufacture their own solar products and also work as a leading EPC service provider for all kinds of solar projects. Jakson modules are employed in all sectors, be it, residential, commercial, industrial, rooftop, ground mounted, micro-grids, on-grid and off-grid installations. There solar panels are of good quality and are cost effective. With such a vast experience in electrical sector, after sales network and wide range of products make Jakson one of the best solar companies in India. In this post, we will list some of the key features of this esteemed solar brand and will talk about Jakson Solar Panel Price.

Jakson Group is one of the leading solar companies in India. 

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Jakson Solar Panel

Jakson Solar Panel Price

Taking India’s “Make in India” dream forward, Jakson manufactures their own solar modules. Jakson has a manufacturing capacity of 70 MW per annum at its plant in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The company has plans to scale this manufacturing up to 500 MW per annum. This makes Jakson Solar Panel stand in a league of very few solar panel companies having such manufacturing facilities in India.

With such an efficient manufacturing unit and process, Jakson Solar is able to bring out its solar panels at most competitive Jakson Solar Panel price in the market. Also, being an Indian brand, using Jakson Solar Panel in any kind of project doesn’t pose any difficulty in receiving subsidies in various state and central government schemes. This makes Jakson Solar Panel the most value for money solar panels in India.

Jakson Solar panels are used in all kinds of solar plants such as residential, commercial, industrial, rooftop, ground mounted, micro-grids, on-grid and off-grid etc. This is because, the company provides best quality solar panels at best possible prices. Jakson provides its products at most competitive prices in the market. 

Jakson Solar Panel have received various certifications putting a stamp on their quality and reliability. Some of these certifications are as follows:

  • IEC 61215, IEC 61730 (I & II), IEC 61853 certified
  • Sand and dust storm resistant (IEC 60068)
  • Salt mist, ammonia and hail resistant (IEC 61701) (IEC 62716)
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • MNRE Approved
  • DEWA Approved

Some key features of Jakson Solar Panel are:

  • Outstanding Durability and Reliability
  • High Power Output
  • Best Performance in scorching weather of summer months in India
  • Best Performance in low light conditions
  • Beautiful Design

Jakson modules are designed for highest quality standards, reliability and performance. These solar panels come with an outstanding warranty of 25 years. This shows the quality and efficiency of Jakson Solar Panel.

Company boasts a vast network of after sales service that assists you in best possible manner whenever contacted. This makes Jakson Solar Panel one of the most reliable and trusted solar panels brands in India.

Once installed, these solar panels work efficiently and generate electricity for more than 25 years. There is no maintenance involved. Since, these panels do not contain any moving parts, they have very long life and are very reliable over their entire life. Only periodic washing is required as far as maintenance in concerned. To know about how to clean solar panels, click here.

Jakson Solar panel come in three types of technologies, viz., Polycrystalline Solar Panels, Monocrystalline solar panels and Dual Glass Solar Panels.

To know about polycrystalline solar panels, click here.

To know about monocrystalline solar panels, click here.

To know about difference between polycrystalline solar panels and monocrystalline solar panels, click here.

Jakson Solar Panel ranges from 3 Wp to 360 Wp. Such a big range of solar panels are provided by very few companies in India. Jakson is one of this elite group of companies.

Jakson Solar Panel Price

Jakson Solar Panel Price

Jakson Solar panels are the best priced solar panels in Indian market. This is the reason they are so widely used. This is the most used solar panel brands in India.

Generally, the cost of these solar panels decreases with increase in quantity. For example, an order of 10 kW Jakson solar panel will cost you less per kW as compared to 5 kW order. The difference becomes more pronounced for even larger quantities.

Jakson Solar Monocrystalline solar panels are slightly expensive as compared to their polycrystalline solar panels. Further, they have different series with distinct features. These series are offered at various price points.

Below are some of the approximate Jakson Solar Panel price.

Solar Panel Size

Price (₹/Wp)

Total Price

330 Wp

23 ₹ 7,590

325 Wp


₹ 7,475

320 Wp

23 ₹ 7,360

315 Wp


₹ 7,245

310 Wp

23 ₹ 7,130

305 Wp

23 ₹ 7,015

300 Wp


₹ 6,900

270 Wp


₹ 6,210

250 Wp 23 ₹ 5,750

Kindly note that,

  • These are approximate prices for your reference.
  • The prices vary depending on the quantity of order.
  • GST will be extra as per Government norms from time to time.
  • Transportation charges will be extra (as per actual).
  • Panels of sizes, other than the ones mentioned above are also available. The size of solar panels are subject to availability.

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So, the choice of solar panels and its quantity affects Jakson Solar Panel Price.

We offer a complete range of Jakson Solar panels. We have installed these solar panels in many of our sites and we are very happy with the working of these solar panels. These are highly efficient, reliable and trusted solar panels with an effective after sales support. Also, they come at brilliant price.

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