Grid-Connected Solar Power Plant

Solar plants which are directly connected to the grid and can import and export energy from and to the grid are called grid-connected solar power plants. These plants are also called On-Grid Solar Power Plants.

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Off-Grid Solar Power Plant

Solar plants which may or may not be connected to the utility grid but contain batteries for backup are called off-grid solar power plants. Sometimes, a diesel generator input is provided in place of utility grid to charge batteries in the absence of solar energy and grid.

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Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are raised off-grid solar plants which convert solar energy into electricity to run a bulb or LED mounted on a pole. They have battery backup which can be sized according to the needs.

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We Make the world Green and Pollution Free

In comparison to thermal power plants, solar power plant can save up to 1 kilogram of carbon dioxide emissions per 1 kWh (unit) of solar power. Therefore, by these estimates, one can save up to tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

These savings are equivalent to planting hundreds of trees every year.

This not only prevents climate change but also helps reduce respiratory and cardiovascular health issues faced by thousands of people around the world because of increasing pollution.

Let's leave the world in condition better than what we inherit.

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