Solar CalculatorSolar Calculator calculates the capacity of solar plant you need to install according to various parameters. In addition to this, we also have calculators to calculate other parameters of solar plant as well, such as the amount of CO2 saved upon using a solar system. In order to install a solar plant, you must know, how much are your energy needs and how much solar plant you need to install to get all the benefits from the installation.

To make it simple, we have created solar calculator which can assist you in finding the capacity of solar plant you should install on your roof.

Solar Capacity Calculator

Click on the below links as per what information you have in order to calculate solar plant capacity.

Capacity of Solar Plant as per Electricity Bill

Find out the capacity of solar plant you can install, in case, you know the number of units you consume in a month.

Capacity of Solar Plant as per Roof Area

Find out the capacity of solar plant you can install, in case, you know the rooftop area on which plant has to be installed.

Capacity of Solar Plant as per Load

Find out the capacity of solar plant you can install, by calculating the total load of all electrical appliances in your house.

CO2 Saving Calculator

You can save up to tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per kWp of solar plant installed.

Contribute to saving the world and maintaining the quality life on Earth by installing a solar plant.

CO2 Saving Calculator

Find out how much carbon dioxide (CO2) can be saved using a solar plant, using our simple tool called CO2 Saving Calculator.

Why You should install a Solar Plant

Solar Energy is booming throughout the world and India is not far behind. India has some of the most ambitious plans in the world for solar energy. India has one of the largest renewable energy expansion program in the world of 175 GW till 2022. Of this, 100 GW is from solar energy alone under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM).

Large solar parks are being constructed throughout the country and people are installing solar plant on their roofs of residential, industrial and commercial sector. To make solar energy interesting, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India and various state governments throughout the country are providing subsidies and tax benefits to various sectors on implementing solar energy.

We are making efforts to lower the cost of solar energy as much as possible in order to make it a lucrative offer. Solar plant needs to be taken as an investment. Solar energy can provide as much as 30% return on your investment over the period of its lifetime. This return is much higher than many other investment schemes. To know, more on solar plant as an investment, click here.

Solar energy's impact on saving environment is huge and you can save tons of carbon dioxide every year by installing a small power plant just to suit your family needs. Your one solar plant will be equivalent to planting hundreds of trees.

It is estimated that, by 2022 more than 50% of households throughout the country will be receiving power from solar energy. Now, you have to decide, you want to be in which half of the population.

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