Capacity of Solar Plant as per Load can be known if we calculate our complete building load. This is very cumbersome as you first have to note down the power ratings of all the equipment in your building manually and then add them together. There are so many electrical appliances now-a-days that, this calculation becomes too difficult. To ease this calculation, we have designed a calculator which takes approximate ratings of all almost all appliances found often, in any household. You just have to fill in the quantity of these appliances and the total load will automatically be calculated by the solar calculator. This will however, show you the capacity of solar plant you need to install in order to cater such household load.

Capacity of Solar Plant as per LoadThis is a very powerful calculator and you can also use it to evaluate the sanctioned load you must get to power your house load. Don't worry seeing the length of this calculator as it is very simple. It should be noted here that, while calculating, you must enter the load used most often in your premises.

There is no need to enter load used very rarely. This is because, all appliances never run together in a house. Your rare appliances will run at a time when some of the appliances which run often are not running.

It is also a good practice to perform load calculations separately for summer months and winter months. You will notice that, your consumption during summer months is more as compared to winter months, especially, if you are in countries like India. Remember that, you must install a plant for the season having more load requirement. This will automatically take care of the seasons/months when consumption reduces.

Capacity of Solar Plant as per Load

To find out the capacity of solar plant as per load, you just need to follow a single step and the calculator will show you the real-time result in the end. The step is as below:

  • Fill in the number of different appliances used often in your household.


  • All power ratings of appliances are general as is most cases. They may vary from equipment to equipment of different brands.

To know the capacity of solar plant as per roof area or as per your consumption (units per month), click here.

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