Solar Home Lighting


Solar Home Lighting system is a small solar system suitable to power few LED lights, mobile phone chargers, a small fan and a TV. The system can be customized to suite our needs. 

Solar Home Lighting System
Solar Home Lighting System

This is usually a small DC solar system. Thought, it can also be used to run AC loads with an inclusion of a suitable inverter.

Solar home lighting systems are highly affordable. You can buy it for as low as ₹1000. You can get this system customized to suite your needs. In other words, this system can be customized to suit all kinds of needs and loads.

In addition to being affordable, solar home lighting systems are also very portable. They weigh just a few kilograms and so, you can take them anywhere you want. 

Components of Solar Home Lighting System

Solar home lighting system consists of very simple and very straightforward components. The components are listed below.

Solar Panels

The solar home lighting system derives its power from the sun. To use solar energy, solar panels are the most important equipment.  

The choice and size of solar panels to be employed in your solar home lighting system depends on the type and the size of your application. For example, if you want to run 2 LED lights of 3 W each, 1 table fan of 12 W along with mobile charging, you can use a system with 40 W solar panel which will run these appliances continuously during the day and will charge the battery that will provide power to light your nights.


Battery store power to be utilized at night. This is an important component of solar home lighting system. Battery provides power during night. 

The sizing of battery also depends on the type of application number of hours of backup required. The size of battery keeps on increasing with the increase in backup time required. The size of battery and backup also depends on the load to be run. 

In order to make the solar home lighting system light and portable, SMF and Li-ion batteries are preferred. An additional advantage of these batteries is that, these are maintenance free and have a very long life. However, conventional lead-acid batteries can also be used in these systems. 

Charge Controller 

Charge controllers should be carefully chosen to match the requirements of solar home lighting system. It regulates the power during charging of battery and automatically cuts off the power when battery gets completely charged. So, it protects the battery from getting over charged. 

Wires and Connectors

Wires and connectors in solar home lighting system are used to connect all the above components with each other.

Sensors (Optional) 

Dusk to dawn sensors can be incorporated in solar home lighting system. These sensors senses light and automatically switches on the lights in low light conditions and switches them off during proper lighting. 

Applications of Solar Home Lighting System

Solar home lighting system is like a portable power bank. You can use it in innumerable applications to suit your needs. Some of the common uses of solar home lighting system are listed below:

Small households

Solar home lighting systems can be used to power small households. They are affordable and can be designed to power the needs of these households. 

Guard Rooms

Guard rooms can be powered by this system. Guard rooms, generally, have a very limited consumption of few lights and a fan. This can be powered very easily with this system.


Staircases in societies, flats and bungalows can be lit with this system. 


solar home lighting

Solar home lighting systems are an apt choice, if you’re going for camping. These systems weight only a few kilograms and can be carried at any place. You can carry them while hiking in your backpacks and use them whenever required. These will charge your mobile phones and will provide you power for lighting, cooking etc. 


These systems can be properly designed to provide security to your homes. You can install lights at the gates and along the perimeter of your building running on solar home lighting system. Security cameras can also be powered through this system.  

In addition to these applications, solar home lighting systems can be used by children for studying and by vegetable and fruit sellers for lighting. Similarly, we can design your whole system to suit whatever your needs are. 

Benefits of Solar Home Lighting System 


Solar home lighting system are very cheap. These are designed to suit your needs. You can buy them for as low as ₹1000. 


These are light and generally weight only a few kilograms. You can take them anywhere. They are as light and portable as a laptop.

Maintenance Free

Solar home lighting systems are completely maintenance free. In other words, they need zero maintenance.


Standard solar home lighting systems are available with us, that can power most of your general requirements. Though, you can get your system designed to suit specifically your needs.


Our solar home lighting systems are very reliable and have a really long life. 


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