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Sukam is an Indian company, headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana. The company is very successful in home inverter segment. You must have been hearing its name for quite some time now. Sukam has entered into solar business a long time ago and it now, offers a complete range of solar products. The list of its solar products and accessories is so big that it can’t be fully listed here. But some of Sukam major solar products are solar inverters (both Sukam on-grid inverters and Sukam off-grid inverters), solar panels, batteries, charge controllers and solar street lights etc. Sukam Battery Price is listed below in this article.

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Sukam is a company known for its after sales service. Most of the complaints are attended withing 24 hours of registering a complaint and that too pretty much anywhere in the country. Their products come at attractive prices and products are of best quality. These products are innovative in their own right as Sukam invests a lot of money in Research and Development (R&D).

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Sukam Batteries

Sukam Battery Price
Sukam Batteries installed at our site

Sukam Batteries are used in off-grid solar plants. These provide backup in times of power cuts. If you live in an area where electricity supply is insufficient or there are frequent power cuts or there is no electricity supply at all, then you should go for an off-grid solar system with Sukam batteries. These batteries will charge during the day from sunlight and will provide electricity for all your needs when no energy source such as sunlight or grid is present.

When the system is designed perfectly considering the load and its on time, Sukam batteries can provide electricity supply for many hours continuously. These will get replenished when the Sun rises or when they are connected to power supply through an inverter.

A wide range of Sukam batteries are manufactured by the company. These batteries differ in their type of technology, warranty and price. These batteries come in various sizes to cater all sizes of installations and all types of applications. The price of battery also depend the size of battery chosen. Sukam battery price list is given below in the article.

All battery companies provide warranty on their products. But it becomes useless to have warranty of a company, you have never heard off. Sukam is a famous brand and these batteries are one of the most selling batteries in India. We believe, you would have definitely heard of this brand before or may have used their products in the past.

Sukam Battery Applications

These batteries are used in all application other than solar also, where battery backup is required.

Sukam batteries are used in normal home inverters. These will provide you backup in case of a power cut. Sukam batteries outperform traditional inverter batteries in terms of backup and life. That means, these batteries have a longer life as compared to normal batteries when used in such applications.

Sukam batteries can also be used in solar street lights. In this application also, Sukam batteries work in a similar fashion. They get charged up during the day and light up the streetlights at night. When designed correctly, these batteries can light streetlights for several days before being charged again.

A solar system with Sukam batteries is particularly beneficial for all off grid areas in the country. There are still many places in the country where electricity has not reached at all. These batteries will store electric charge and will provide electricity in these areas whenever needs.

Sukam Battery Price

Sukam has placed Sukam battery price at very competitive and attractive price points. These are the best batteries available at this price point.

Sukam offers you a lot of variety in batteries. These can be seen in the tables below along with their prices.

The tables below lists Sukam battery price for some of its famous battery models. 

Battery Type and Size


Sukam Flat Plate Battery (150 Ah)

₹ 9,999

Sukam Power Grand Tubular 1350

₹ 9,999

Sukam Power Supreme 165 (150 Ah)

₹ 11,199

Sukam Jumboz (150 Ah)

₹ 11,999

Sukam Tall Tubular Batteries

Battery Type and Size


Sukam Bazooka (150 Ah)

₹ 11,599

Sukam Bazooka+ (150 Ah)

₹ 12,699

Sukam Warrior++ (150 Ah)

₹ 14,299

Sukam Bazooka+ (200 Ah)

₹ 14,999

Kindly note that,

  • These are approximate prices for your reference.
  • The prices vary depending on the quantity of order.
  • GST will be extra as per Government norms from time to time.
  • Transportation charges will be extra (as per actual).
  • Batteries of sizes, other than the ones mentioned above are also available.

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The Sukam battery price depends on the type of technology of batter you chose. These different technologies of batteries have different warranty periods. The size of battery also play a major role in deciding the price of battery. Generally, in same technology bigger battery costs more than a smaller battery.

We offer a complete range of Sukam Batteries. We have installed these batteries in many of our sites and we are very happy with the way these batteries perform. The most important point to mention here is the excellent after sales service support of Sukam. These are highly efficient, reliable and trusted solar batteries. These are also one of the most used batteries in India. Sukam batteries price is brilliant as compared to others in the market.

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