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Vikram Solar is one of the largest solar panel brands in India. The company is based in Kolkata. Their panels are employed in almost all sectors, be it, residential, commercial, industrial and ground mounted installations. As per a list on MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India) website, Vikram Solar has an installed capacity of 500 MW (The data is as on June 30th, 2016). There solar panels are of good quality, cost effective and one of the most efficient ones available in the market. Vikram Solar offers a huge range of solar panels differing from each other in type, technology and cost. You can choose any one of these depending on what suits you the best. Vikram Solar his a global brand. It has its presence throughout the world. All these points make it one of the best solar panel companies in India.

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Vikram Solar
Vikram Solar Panels installed at 5 kWp Solar Plant site

About Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar is a leading solar energy company based in Kolkata, West Bengal in India. The company was incorporated in 2006 and is a part of the esteemed Vikram Group. Vikram Solar has its operations in India as well as abroad.

Taking India’s “Make in India” dream forward, Vikram Solar manufactures their own solar modules. Vikram Solar has a manufacturing capacity of 1 GW annually as in 2017. This makes Vikram Solar Panel stand in a league of very few solar panel manufacturing companies having such enormous facilities in India.

In addition to a manufacturing unit, Vikram Solar has an in house R&D unit and team, where they do innovations in solar technology and applications. This keeps them ahead of time and in the market.

With such an efficient manufacturing unit and process, Vikram Solar is able to bring out its solar panels at most competitive prices in the market. Also, being an Indian brand, using Vikram Solar Panel in any kind of project doesn’t pose any difficulty in receiving subsidies in various state and central government schemes.

All this makes Vikram Solar one of the most used and trusted solar panel brands in India. These are used in all kinds of solar plants such as residential, commercial, industrial, rooftop, ground mounted, micro-grids, on-grid and off-grid etc. This is because, the company provides best quality solar panels at best possible prices.

Vikram is also a leading EPC service provider in solar energy sector. The company is mainly involved in EPC of large ground mounted solar projects. These projects usually range in megawatts.

These solar panels are best in class Tier 1 modules. These panels are designed for highest quality standards, reliability and performance. These solar panels come with an extraordinary warranty of 25 years. In addition, company has a vast network of after sales service that assists you in best possible manner whenever contacted. This makes them one of the most reliable and trusted solar panels brands in India.

Vikram Solar panels come in two type of technologies, viz., Polycrystalline Solar Panels and Monocrystalline solar panels.

To know about polycrystalline solar panels, click here.

To know about monocrystalline solar panels, click here.

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Vikram provides a big range of both these technologies of solar panels. These panels come in various series such as Solivo, Somera and Eldora. Each series has its own distinct features. These panels range from 260 Wp to 385 Wp. Such a big range and types of solar panels are unique to Vikram. Very few companies in the entire world can compare with this elaborate range that Vikram Solar offers.

These panels are designed to reduce shading and power losses. These panels come with great optimization. The have improved heat dissipation properties and improved performance.

Vikram Solar panel are low maintenance devices. Since, these panels do not contain any moving parts, they have very long life and are very reliable over their entire life. Only periodic washing is required as far as maintenance in concerned. To know about how to clean solar panels, click here.

Vikram Solar Panel are the most value for money solar panels in India.

We offer a complete range of Vikram Solar panels. We have installed these solar panels in many of our sites and we are very happy with the working of these solar panels. These are highly efficient, reliable and trusted solar panels with an effective after sales support. Also, they come at brilliant price.

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