Grid-Connected Solar Power Plant

Solar plants which are directly connected to the grid and can import and export energy from and to the grid are called grid-connected solar power plants. These plants are also called On-Grid Solar Power Plants.

To keep a track of various parameters of the solar plant and to act as a trusted link between consumer and the distribution company of the area, a bi-directional meter/net-meter is used which tracks all the useful parameters.

Consumer has to pay only for the net energy.

This type of solar plant arrangement should be installed by those, who live in an area well connected to the utility grid.

Huge savings in the form of subsidies, returns and Generation Based Incentives (GBI) can be met, using this arrangement of solar power plant.

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Off-Grid Solar Power Plant

Solar plants which may or may not be connected to the utility grid but contain batteries for backup are called off-grid solar power plants. Sometimes, a diesel generator input is provided in place of utility grid to charge batteries in the absence of solar energy and grid.

There are several configurations for this type of solar plant according to priority. These are:

  • Solar > Battery > Grid
  • Solar > Grid > Battery
  • Battery > Solar > Grid

Consumer can choose any of the above configurations according to their requirements.

This type of solar plant arrangement is apt for those, who live in places where electricity is insufficient or unavailable as 24-hour back-up is provided by this system.

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Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are raised off-grid solar plants which convert solar energy into electricity to run a bulb or LED mounted on a pole. They have battery backup which can be sized according to the needs.

These come in various configurations such as:

  • With separate LED, battery and inverter
  • With LED and battery in-built in one box and an inverter
  • With all three components in same unit
  • With LED and inverter in-built in one box and battery

Consumer can choose one of these according to their needs.

We also design systems for consumers who have needs other than the ones mentioned above.

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Zonfos (Zonfos India Private Limited) provides complete turnkey solutions for all your needs. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who provide complete solutions such as surveying, taking approvals, designing, installation, net-metering and handover of successfully commissioned solar power plants.

We publish a magazine, where we provide latest and complete reports on various market and technology surveys in addition to latest developments and news from the new and renewable energy sector.

We also have an in-house R&D unit, where we customize and create new technologies, products, designs and their applications to solve various needs. Thus, giving solutions to complexities in everyday lives.

We promise complete satisfaction to all our customers with on-site service support throughout India.

We are working to make the world a better place by going sustainable and green. Our mission is to make this world a more live able and better place.

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Solar Plant as an Investment

We all know that solar plants convert sunlight into electricity to be used in our homes and factories etc. However, there is much more in the story than just electricity generation from solar plants.

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Dispelling Common Myths about Solar

Solar energy needs to be viewed as a risk-free investment with promising returns while generating electricity in a sustainable manner with minimal maintenance, making our economy, energy surplus.

Solar has become a victim of various myths. This is the truth behind all these myths. Read more.

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