How to Protect Solar Panels from damage


Once you have installed a solar plant on your roof, there is not much to worry about. You can have free electricity for more than 25 years now. Solar plant is a minimal maintenance, electricity generation system which require only periodic washing, so as to clean its surface in order for sunshine to reach to solar cells without any hindrance. Period of washing depends on location to location and also varies in various weather conditions. The thumb rule is that, you should wash your solar panels whenever you feel, enough dirt has accumulated on them to stop or deteriorate power generation from sunlight. In this post we will list factors important to ensure long life of panels and also how to protect solar panels from damage.


In addition to washing, one should take mere precautions to ensure long and productive life of solar panels. The list of factors which damage solar panels and precautions you should take to avoid them or correct them are listed below:

Putting Heavy material on solar panels

There are instances when people put heavy material or machinery or tools such as hammer, pliers and even drilling machines etc. on solar panels while having some repair on their roofs. This should be strictly avoided as this can damage the glass on panels by scratching or cracking it. In can even damage solar cells inside solar panels which are responsible for all electricity generation. Solar cells can even get damaged when everything on the outside looks okay, that is, the glass may remain completely fine and cells may get damaged. So, putting heavy material on solar panels should be strictly avoided to ensure long life of solar panels.

Article: Protect Solar Panels form Damage

Putting sharp metal material on solar panels

Sharp materials, though may not be heavy, such as nails, screw drivers etc. can cause scratches on solar panel’s glass reducing their transparency and consequently, decreases their power generation outputs.

Article: Protect Solar Panels form Damage

Bird Droppings

This is the most popular reason of solar panels performing not up to the mark. Birds are innocent creatures who don’t know where to drop and where to not. This is also the reason one should wash panels regularly in certain intervals as this decreases the generation of electricity. Or, you can use some scarecrow to avoid this.

Article: Protect Solar Panels form Damage


India has a rich and diverse wildlife, which may in some areas can cause damage to solar system. There are places in India, such as Rajasthan, where there are a lot of monkeys. There can be places where there are a lot of rodents. Monkeys can damage solar panels while rodents can chew wires. So, one should make sure that no animals are having their habitats around their houses.

Article: Protect Solar Panels form Damage

Walking on Solar Panels

Solar panels are designed to withstand a lot of weight and may seem completely alright when you walk on them. But this should never be done, as what is seeming completely fine may damage solar cells inside the panel. We have seen people walking on solar panels while installation and also while washing them. This should be avoided and solar plants should always be designed with a walkway around to facilitate any maintenance work.

Article: Protect Solar Panels form Damage

Extreme Weather Conditions

Weather conditions such as hailstorm and thunderstorm can damage solar panels and in case winds are strong, they can even erode solar panels with them. To avoid this, strong and proper structures should be made as per standards and panels should be mounted on them tightly. There is not much one can do to counter this effect, but one could definitely take certain precautions and ensure quality to avoid this.

Article: Protect Solar Panels form Damage

Lighting Fire or Heat below Panels

This generally happens when solar panels are mounted on RCC roofs in a high-rise manner. People start bonfire or start cooking below the panels during parties or certain occasions. This should be avoided as this can damage solar cells and hence, decrease their efficiency.

Article: Protect Solar Panels form Damage

Throwing Things on Solar Panels

Things, especially heavy ones, can cause damage to solar panels and can decrease their efficiency. So, this should again be avoided.

Article: Protect Solar Panels form Damage


Lightening can cause damage to solar panels and can even result in fire. One should always install a Lightening Arrestor (LA) of suitable radius to capture lightening as it strikes and safeguard the solar panels.

One should always take the above mentioned precautions to ensure a long and productive life of solar panels. This will be shown up in monthly savings and energy yield one gets by properly maintaining solar panels.


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